Dusty the Dog and Friends

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Dusty the Dog and Friends
Not just a bedtime story!
Dusty the Dog and Friends has been written by debut children's author Pam Saunders-Ward, who has in excess of 20 years experience as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist working with individuals and families. Illustrations by Minette Wasserman Cartoonist and Animator.

Dusty the Dog and Friends are BOLD, ADVENTUROUS, CARING and COURAGEOUS characters transforming and expanding upon young children's education through sensory and cognitive based story lines.

We have all been a tired parent at some time, at least I know I was! Dusty the Dog and Friends stories are written in a style that encourages joint reading sessions, so parents (and tired parents!) can feel comfortable and safe knowing they are supporting their child's development.

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