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 Dusty the Dog

Hello to all my new friends out there I am glad you are joining us on some of our adventures. I love going out and meeting new friends and am more interested in playing than going to school! Milly and Nanny in the Computer are always having to remind me that I must do my school work, and like you I have to go and do it, Grrrrr ! But I would much rather be out on my bike, playing sports or just hanging out with my friends.I definately don't like doing chores, but do like helping others.

What do you like doing?
My name is Milly, I am Daisy's mum and I help Nanny in the Computer with looking after Dusty and his group of friends to make sure they stay out of trouble! After getting breakfast ready for all the friends, taking them to school and my morning walk, I like to have a snooze.
Hello everyone, my name is Daisy, I like to draw, listen to music and play games. I don't like getting dirty, so sometimes I don't join in with all the others even though I am in the group. But that's ok they don't mind. I like to have lots of cuddles and play with my toys.

My name is Snuggles, I live in Australia which is a long, long way in an aeroplane or boat from where Dusty lives. Dusty is my cousin and I love it when he  comes to visit, I took him to meet some of my friends here, like Hatty the Huntsman, she's a spider and Kylie the Koala. He thought some were scary to begin with, but soon found out he was wrong!
My name is Ginger the cat, I am one of Dusty's friends and we share the same birthday. I like climbing trees, playing games and doing lots of running!  I don't like doing homework or chores so I normally get into trouble! Miaow!
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